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Tenants and landlords are equally important to us. You require a new home and they want to let one to you. The job that we do is match you to the right property and make sure that when you enter into a legally binding tenancy contract you know exactly what you are committing yourself to.

You will have seen our available properties on this website. Please be aware that further details are available on Rightmove at

It is important to remember that our stock of available properties changes every day and if you don’t see what you want on our list give us a call as so we can take down details of your requirements.

Sometimes we might suggest a type of property or area you hadn’t previously considered, other times we might suggest you hang on for a week or so as an exceptional property may just be coming available.

Whether you telephone, call in or email us we’ll need to ask you some questions:
•     How many bedrooms do you need?
•     How many will be living in the house?
•     Do you need anything special, a garage or study for example?
•     Do you require a furnished or unfurnished property?
•     How much rent can you afford to pay each month?
•     When do you need to move, and If you are currently renting, have you given notice?
•     If you are selling,have you exchanged contracts?

We’ll need to have your address, telephone number and email address so we can get hold of you quickly if a suitable property becomes available.

Please note that you can register on line using the Tenant Registration link


Once you have expressed a preference for a rental property, viewed through us, you will need to do two things for us to stop marketing the property.

  • Complete a HOMELET referencing form supplied by us.
  • Pay the following:
  • £200.00 + VAT = £240.00 for a single applicant.
  • £250.00 + VAT = £300.00 for a couple.
  • £50.00 + VAT = £60.00 for every additional applicant (Including guarantor).

Please note that until we receive one or both of the above we will continue to market the property. It is therefore in your best interests to act as quickly as possible.

HOMELET carry out an initial credit check and take up appropriate references with your employer to produce a credit rating.

In addition to a satisfactory credit check we will need proof of income.

Please also note that the income of the individual tenant, or tenants combined income, must amount to at least 2.5 times the rent.

If the income does not amount to this, a Guarantor will be needed. Only one Guarantor is allowed for each tenancy.

The income of the Guarantor must amount to at least 3 times the rent.

Please bear in mind that these matters may take some time.

Accordingly, the more information you give us at as early a stage as possible, the more quickly we can process your application and get things moving.

If all proves to be satisfactory, and subject to finalising the details of the tenancy terms, payment of monies due etc., then we can discuss the granting of a tenancy of your chosen property.

If there is anything detrimental that you have not disclosed to us, i.e. county court judgments, it is likely that we will not be able to grant a tenancy and the process will cease.

If you do not pass the HOMELET criteria, or you withdraw your application, the referencing fees will not be refunded. The reason for this is that as soon as we send the completed form to HOMELET we incur costs which cannot be recovered.


Before the Tenancy can start we will need the following in cleared funds:

  • One months' rent in advance
  • Deposit equal to one months' rent plus £200.00

Electronic Bank Transfer, Bankers Draft and Building Society Cheques are acceptable. Personal cheques require 5 working days for clearance. CASH CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.

If you prefer to pay electronically directly from your bank, our bank details appear on the enclosed standing order form.


List subject to variation, an up to date list is available from our office on request.

  • New Contract £100.00 + VAT = £120 .00
  • Re- Let (from one property to another) £100.00 + VAT = £120.00 for first applicant.
  • £50.00 + VAT = £60.00 for every additional applicant.
  • Collection of Keys out of office hours £50.00 + VAT = £60.00
  • Missed Appointments £35.00 + VAT = £42.00


This guide contains the documents you need for your application

  • HOMELET referencing form
  • Guidance notes for completing the form
  • Blank receipt for the referencing fees and acknowledgement of receipt of Tenants Guide
  • Explanatory leaflet for the Tenancy Deposit Scheme
  • Draft Tenancy Agreement - please do not fill in the blanks.
  • Standing order Form - please do not complete yet.

Please read the documentation carefully, in particular the draft tenancy agreement.

You may obtain advice in relation to these documents, as well as your obligations, if and when you become a tenant, from a Citizens Advice Bureau or Solicitor.

Any final tenancy agreement will contain details specifically relating to you, your circumstances and the property concerned. This final agreement will follow the draft contained in this guide.

This is an important document committing you to actions for the initial fixed term and beyond. If you do not understand anything it is essential that you take independent advice from a housing advice center, solicitor or Citizens Advice Bureau.

If you do so before signing then you, and not the Landlord or Agent, will be responsible for any costs incurred


These Guidance Notes are only intended to provide a summary In order to help you to understand the obligations which you take on when you rent a property. They do not give an authoritative interpretation of the law.

Please note that any agreement is strictly SUBJECT TO CONTRACT.

This means that there can be no binding contract until the Initial rent payment plus deposit has been made and the formal Tenancy Agreement has been signed and exchanged. Payment of the Initial deposit and completion of the Homelet form cannot guarantee securing a property In view of the above.

Further, no statements made by the owner, his/her representative or agent may constitute a Tenancy Agreement since the strict terms will only be contained In the signed Tenancy Agreement, It being the  entire agreement.

Marcus Jordan & Co Ltd is registered with the Data Protection Agency and we must, by law, keep any information we hold about you confidential.


Before setting up a tenancy we will take up references on you. We use Homelet referencing Service, the largest tenant referencing service in the UK.

In order to assist you in finding the right property speedily, it is important that you supply us with mandatory information to reference you properly.

It is essential that all the information requested is supplied and the form fully completed legibly. If you prefer we will fill the form in on your behalf at our office or you may fill it in "on­ line and send it back to us by email.

Missing information will delay your application and may cause you to lose your desired choice of property.

When completing the reference application form you will need to have the following

information and supporting documentation with you.

  • The f ull address of your current residence including the postcode.
  • Your cheque book and bank details including account number and sort code.
  • If you have lived less than 3 years at your current address, a list of all addresses for the past 3 years with postcodes and dates of occupation.
  • The full company name, address and postcode of your employer (if applicable)
  • A contact name and telephone number and fax number for your employers personnel I HR department.
  • A contact name I company name, address, telephone and fax number of thecurrent letting agent or landlord (if applicable} .
  • All telephone numbers must have the correct dialing code.
  • You must provide proof of identity and proof of residence at your current address by providing at least one of the following:

A paper driving license with your current address.

A photo driving license with your current address.

A recent utility bill no more than 3 months old.

A recent mobile telephone bill

A council tax bill in your name at your current address.

A signed and dated letter from your employer's human resources department or finance director showing the name of the individual and their position within the company.

NOTE: Bank statements, DWP / pension passbooks / Benefit vouchers are not acceptable as proof of residency.

Please ensure ALL referees you have provided have been advised that they will be contacted by a referencing agency.



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